WM 37.5" MX2 EPP KIT - 955 mm - Color A -

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1. The product is mainly made of EPP material, light-weight and resistant. Due to this special material, serious demage would not be caused by slight faulty operation.

2. The revolutionary design adds to the structural intensity and the rigidity of the airframe which is even made of EPP material, while ensuring the flight more stable and easier controlled.

3. Light-weight design provides optimal Wing loading while ensuring the permanently strength of the craft. This characteristic contributes to the perfect flying performance.

4. The composition and the proportion are well matched to provide excellent flying characteristics, while still allowing for precision aerobatic performance and 3D maneuverability.

5. Simple design allows for easy access and installation. And all necessary accessories are provided in the package.

6. The color schemes are painted with new oil paint which makes the color fresher and permanent.

7. Its small size excels at flying on a limited open space, such as park. It also fits into a very small car for transport.


-- Wing span: 37.5in/955mm
-- Length: 37.2in/945mm
-- Weight: 550g(battery not included)

Equipment required:

-- Motor: 250-300W, 70-80g, 2834-2838, 2215-2217, Brushess Outrunner
-- ESC: 25-30A
-- Servo: 9-14g, 1.5-2kg/cm, plastic or metal gear
-- Battery: 3S 1300-1500mah
-- Prop: 10*4.7, 11*4.7

Recommended setup:

-- Motor: Dualsky XM2834CA-9/980KV
-- ESC: Hobbywing Flyfun 30A
-- Prop: APC 10*4.7SF
-- Servo: Towerpro MG90S
-- Battery: Fullymax 3S 1300mah 25C
Lieferumfang / Scope of delivery:
  • WM 37.5" MX2 EPP KIT - 955 mm - Color A -
    ohne Elektronik / without electric

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